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Let CT Patients Grow Medication

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Let CT Patients Grow Medication Petition

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Prices on the Rise it is time Connecticut Patients move forward to push the laws to Grow their own Medication in this state. Some patients cant afford the prices Connecticut Growers & Dispensaries are charging their patients. Connecticut is in such a bad place i’am sure that the benefits of all out legalization won’t be ignored. But there is no reason why we shouldn’t be allowed to grow our own medicine instead of being limited to what the big growers are selecting for us. There is such a large variety of strains available and different strains effect others differently. The dispensaries could also benefit from this if they are allowed to sell seeds and clones to patients or caregivers. Lets try and keep our Medical Marijuana Program in CT is going in the right direction instead all about profit and not compassion and caring. Don’t make it about the mighty dollar. So Let Patients Grow their own Medical Marijuana and heal themselves! Speak up! Keep Medication Affordable! Complain at your local dispensary today!


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