With Connecticut’s Rising Medical Marijuana Prices.  Each side is pointing their finger at each other on this issue.  Question is who is raising CT’s Medical Marijuana Prices on Patients?  Connecticut patients have to pay out of pocket for medication and patients must pay CASH/DEBIT only. CT patients are paying between $400-1200 a month for medication. Which is more then some prescription drugs. CT Growers & Dispensaries have to remember this is medication not for recreational use we are sick people NOT rich people. Seems to be more about profit then compassion.  KEEP MEDICATION AFFORDABLE! Complain at your local dispensary today!  Soon We will see the profit that was made from 8000 patients for 2015.
CTMMPS Estimate Revenue income for 2015 for CT Growers & Dispensaries will be $30-45 Million. From sick people.